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Azure Triumphs – S02E04 – Hanna Engel

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Hanna Engel

In this episode of Azure Triumphs, I had a fantastic discussion with Hanna Engel. Hanna is based in Belgium and I have known her for a while, mostly due to her advocation on Quantum Computing. We have met a couple of times in real life, in various conferences.

Hanna is an experienced Azure Expert and a fantastic speaker whose sessions I had the honor to attend twice, in two separate conferences. However, despite her strong Azure profile, her lections had to do with Quantum Computing, a term that’s fuzzy to many of us. Avoiding any spoilers, what can be said is that Quantum is the real next big thing. In this episode, we discuss Quantum Computing fundamentals, what it is, and how close it is to bringing the world upside down.


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