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Azure Triumphs – S02E03 – Ana Margarida Valente

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In this episode of Azure Triumphs, we have the privilege of unravelling the remarkable journey of Ana Margarida Valente, a brilliant Cloud Solutions Architect. Buckle up as we explore her unique path, combining studies across various fields and countries, which has shaped her into the exceptional individual she is today.

From Classrooms to Global Adventures

Ana’s story is one of the most exciting ones I’ve ever encountered. She has traversed the globe, attending classes in multiple universities, and her thirst for knowledge knows no bounds. Ana’s academic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary and she shared big parts of it in this recording.

Our interview with Ana took place in the Royal Danish Library (also known as the Black Diamond), an architectural marvel in Copenhagen. The library’s café was full of people and you can hear it in the background throughout the episode.


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