Azure Triumphs

Azure Triumphs – S01E01 – Jonah Andersson

Finally! It took me forever but I finally managed to upload the first episode of my podcast Azure Triumphs – Stories of people who succeed with Azure!

The very first guest I had is Jonah Andersson and I couldn’t have picked a better one. Jonah is a true role-model, an one-man-orchestra! She is a Cloud Developer & Architect, a Community Leader, a book author, she hosts a podcast and of course, she’s a Microsoft MVP.

I am honored to know her and happy to have been able to meet her physically! In this episode, we discussed about a lot but most importantly about the project she considers most successful. I do hope that you listen to the episode and that you share your thoughts with us.

Episode 1: Jonah Andersson

To get to know Jonah and contact her, use the following links:






Jonah’s Book: Learning Microsoft Azure (O’Reilly Media)

Jonah’s Community – Azure User Group Sweden

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