A special podcast recording

This one was a bit different than the others. I have been doing podcast recordings since the beginning of 2023 and I love it. I meet new people, we talk about our common passion, Azure and I learn a lot. However, some things in life matter more than raw technological subjects. Diversity and Inclusion are two subject I hold very close to my heart and I believe that they should be prioritized everywhere, not only in tech.

For the 11th episode of Azure Triumphs podcast, I had the joy of talking to Jennifer Andersson from Microsoft. Jennifer is a Cloud Specialist working with very interesting projects but we did not talk at all about those. Outside work, Jennifer is active in various projects and holds important roles such as that of a jury for the Women In Tech Awards 2023. She even started the Leadership Program for the non-profit organization Women In Tech Gothenburg.

We talked about Jennifer’s thoughts and actions related to diversity & inclusion. I must admit that our discussion was an eye-opener for me and I believe that her insights would be useful to everybody.

Jennifer is on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-andersson/

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