Bye 2022, Hello 2023

Seems like yesterday but it has already been a year, since I wrote a similar text. I like new year’s resolutions and I do believe that a good recap is always useful to put things into perspective and draw important decisions. When it comes to work-related matters, 2022 has been a game changing year for me. During this year:

  1. I had the honor to lead Capgemini Sweden’s Azure Guild for the DCX/CSA practice.
  2. I got my skills certified multiple times.
  3. I grew as a Cloud Architect by working on amazing Azure projects.
  4. I joined a new company, Helo, where I get to carry on my Azure journey on an even more senior role, I am now a Senior Cloud Engineer & Cloud Evangelist.
  5. I attended 2 conferences (Swetugg and Øredev) and multiple community meetups, where I met fantastic people who share the same passion as me.
  6. I held my first ever public presentation for Azure Skåne, about Azure Service Bus.
  7. I got a deep dive in IoT projects with Azure IoT, an area where I will do a lot from now on.
  8. I created this blog!
  9. I started a podcast having already recorded the first 2 episodes!
  10. I learned a lot working closely to customers and new colleagues.

It was a hell of a ride but only a start of what I hope I can achieve during 2023. I try to be realistic but I truly hope that I can achieve most of the following goals:

  1. I would love to help build up a strong team for Helo in Malmö.
  2. We have some fantastic projects going on, at Helo, and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty with them.
  3. It would be amazing if that new Malmö-team included fresh colleagues, which I can assist in the early stages of their careers.
  4. I want to share everything I know, with literally everybody. Therefore, I will do my best to be active in communities, conferences, meetups.
  5. I would like to start an initiative which aims in assisting people belonging to unrepresented groups to enter the tech community. I cannot do this all alone but I am sure I can do it with a little help from my friends.

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