The workaround for Stream Analytics job’s bug

This is a response to this post (This has to be a bug). Just a fast recap first:

An Azure Stream Analytics Job may have multiple outputs, one of them being Postgresql-tables, all good. Now image you have a column of type float in your Postgresql-table. Inserting the value ‘0’ fails and causes the whole job to break inevitably. It converts the ‘0’ to bigint (long in C#) and this doesn’t fit in a float (4 bytes) column.

I have read the whole internet twice and not been able to find a reliable answer. Neither had Microsoft a sufficient response to that unfortunately. However, through trial and error I managed to find a workaround and it as simple as converting the Postgresql table-column to double (float8) so that the bigint can be inserted.

I know that this doesn’t really solve the problem but hey, at least I found a working solution!

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