message-based architecture using MQTT

Mb.APIfyer, an open source project

I have been using message brokers for some time now, primarily MQTT and I like it a lot. It’s light, robust and trustworthy, what’s not to like?

The problem I have has not to do with MQTT or any Message Broker, but with the concept itself, I just need to send messages and get responses on those. I understand that this breaks the paradigm and it takes out all the essence of message based architecture, but hey, I just need a feature, regardless of paradigms.

Since I couldn’t find any off the shelf solution, I decided to make my own and since it turns out to be cool, I am happy to share it with everyone. Its name? Mb.APIfyer where Mb stands for Message Broker and APIfyer, well it speaks for itself. The goal of my little .NET class library, is to convert Message Brokers to APIs, or at least API-ish.

To be more precise, the only thing Mb.APIfyer does, is that it wraps MQTT (maybe other message brokers as well in the future) and it creates a callback when a message has been answered.

The project is still in its very early stages and has hardly been tested, but I would love to hear some feedback about it!

Here’s the repo (, give it a spin and let me know!

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